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Hey there,


My name is Kevin and I help entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs) like you create and grow sustainable businesses online.


I’m a serial entrepreneur and digital marketer and over the last 12+ years, I’ve started and successfully grown over half a dozen businesses.


I have run a 6-figure annual e-Learning agency, built and sold multiple e-commerce stores, scaled a subscription box service, grown a 5-figure per month affiliate marketing business, launched 2 apps, and more.


Admittedly, I've also failed many times and have learned a ton from these experiences! It's also why I'm able to relate to so many people who have been trying forever to create sustainable income online but keep falling short. I was literally that person for years before I finally figured it out through trial and error!


So while I had to learn it all the HARD WAY with many dead-end roads and tens-of-thousands spent, my goal is to help you avoid these mistakes!


So what I share is how to build and grow online businesses by yourself through marketing and sales automation and hyper-efficient operational strategies.


Whether you’re working a job and want to transition into being financially independent, are operating an online business, or are running a startup, the strategies and methods I share will help you maximize your earnings, do more with less, and see results much sooner.



Kevin Fernando, Solopreneur

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Here is a collection helpful resources that can help you start and grow your online business!

Free Guide

Passive Income Shortcuts: 23-Page Expert Guide

How to make money online with NO TIME and a TINY budget!

  • The only 3 business models you should use

  • The best performing niches

  • How to create a "passive income machine"

Build a Profitable Online Business in 15-days.

Step-by-step instructions to help you build the right business for you.

  • Learn the #1 high-ticket business model

  • Learn the high-income skills you need to succeed

  • Access to templates, scripts, and funnels

My business journey and why I recommend this program for anyone who wants to make money online but has been struggling to figure out how.

Free Masterclass

How to Rapidly Build Funnels and Campaigns

Learn how to use Kartra's 1-click campaigns and integrated tools.

  • How to get an extended trial and setup Kartra quickly

  • Learn the fundamentals including lists, tags, forms, landing pages, email and more.

  • How to put it all-together and quickly create funnels and campaigns

Free Videos

Get more strategies, tips, and tutorials on Youtube

Subscribe to my Youtube channel for weekly videos.

  • How to start and grow an online business

  • How to automate your sales and marketing

  • Digital product and affiliate marketing strategies and tips

Kartra is

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Funnel Builder

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Kartra is an all-in-one, seamlessly integrated platform

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Also, check out my in-depth review of Kartra.

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